Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tasha Pohrt: a loving and wise young woman

with Gavin Morgan


Chris Westerfield said...

Good photo. I wish to baby be healthy and wealthy!

Christine said...


I met you at the Reiki weekend, and you have remained in my thoughts and prayers subsequently. You have obviously explored every path (both Zen and Western) in your search for a cure. If a cure eludes you, I hope peace captures your spirit. I can only imagine that your family treasures each milestone you celebrate with them like the birth of this grandchild. Your wife is wonderful--pragmatic, real, yet invested in you totally.
Know that even in the deepest illness, you touch others powerfully.

Chris Briggs
Chris Briggs

Leslie Stainton said...


You're much in my thoughts and prayers these days. Thank you for being such a blessing to this community for so many years. Whenever I walk by the old Shaman Drum I feel as if I'm in the presence of a small and beautiful Romanesque church out in the Spanish countryside--the kind of place that gave such refuge and sustenance to so many. God bless you and yours--Leslie Stainton