Friday, May 10, 2013

Exiting the Hotel Karma

A few days ago I had a seizure that the doctors discovered was due to three small brain tumors. I decided to end this blog--to exit the Hotel Karma (at least for the time being)--while I'm still in sound body and mind. I plan on being in sound body and mind for a while yet, but you never know.

This blog is dedicated to Natalie Margaret Binkowski, Maxwell Karl Binkowski and Gavin Elijah Morgan, my beloved grandchildren.

                                                          Manali, 1994

It is finished in beauty

It is finished in beauty



Barry Jaffe said...

To the best of my knowledge, Karl's first blog, some 13.5 years ago, focused our attention upon the poetry and art of Wang Wei. If, for now, Karl's beautiful, articulate, moving and meaningful stream of blogs has come to a halt, I offer him these words:

"In these quiet years growing calmer,
Lacking knowledge of the world’s affairs,
I stop worrying how things will turn out.
My quiet mind makes no subtle plans.
Returning to the woods I love
A pine-tree breeze rustles in my robes.
Mountain moonlight fills the lute’s bowl,
Shows up what learning I have left.
If you ask what makes us rich or poor
Hear the Fisherman’s voice float to shore."

Wang Wei

How deeply fortunate I am to know Karl Pohrt. How moving has been his influence upon my life. How rich is the gift of his thoughts, inspiration, and presence. How gentle and kind is his spirit. How instructive and useful are his words. How powerful is his example of what we can be. How grand has been his adventure. How potent is his legacy.

Barry Jaffe

Unknown said...


You have made us rich.
I hear your voice,
It floats across my life
To all my shores.
To all our shores.

A father to a son.
Now, a son to a father.
Long ago, I promised to take you

Your voice will accompany me
Through every cast.

Face into the flame, you used to

Face into the flame.

Unknown said...

Karl--we love you. Joe

Donna Wessel Walker said...

Dear Karl, you have blessed us all with your presence, your wit, and your wisdom. With so many others I join in love and thanksgiving for all that you are. Donna

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