Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fifth Round of Chemotherapy

Although I wouldn’t recommend chemotherapy as a weight loss plan, I’ve lost 30 lbs. since I got sick. It is quite effective. I enjoy being fashionably thinner, but I’m losing my muscle tone (or what little remained of it). I’m too tired to exercise.

Yesterday Dianne told me that I could end up looking like an anorexic version of the Pillsbury doughboy. I believe this overstates the case considerably, but I take her point. I’m not as ‘fly’ as I was 6 months ago. Dianne wants me to pump small barbells while we watch TV. In theory this is a good idea, but then neither of us watches much TV.

The NIH audiologist told me chemotherapy is ototoxic—I’ve lost tones in the higher frequency ranges due to the drugs I’m taking. My hearing was already problematic. I had less to lose to start with. However, I did tell the audiologist that I’d rather be deaf than dead. I would learn to sign.

The doctors switched my anti-nausea medication with no diminution in effectiveness. My hands no longer shake.

Best of all, I had another CT scan and it appears to be good. The treatments seem to have arrested the spread of the cancer. The medical team told me there is only one person ahead of me in terms of having come this far. Is this good? I immediately think of 4 possibilities:

1. I’m an excellent match for the chemotherapy.

2. I have a rare cancer. Not many patients are participating in the clinical trial.

3. Patients dropped out because they couldn’t tolerate the chemotherapy.

4. The patients died.

Actually, I don’t really want to know why. I’m just very pleased with the results.

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Mary Bisbee-Beek said...

Let's go with are an excellent match. Glad to read that Diane's wit is still intact even under stress and pressure.
We think of you often!